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Raise Funds for Your School, Church, Organization, or Friends and Family in Need!

Auctions, Shipping and Packaging Fundraising is a simple, fast and fun way to raise money for your organization and requires far less administrative work than traditional campaigns!  Anyone can participate, from Schools and Church Groups to Little League Baseball Teams.

How does it work?
Instead of digging into their wallets, participants dig into their closets, basement, attic, garage, office...anywhere there is "stuff" of value they no longer need. These items are then picked up and they'll be sold on eBay.  A check for the sale price minus commission fees will be sent directly to the organization. It’s just that easy!

Your organization's members and supporting community drop-off 250 items. At our minimum per item sale price of $50.00 your organization will get a check for around $7,800+!

We will even help promote your campaign, free of charge. We'll promote your items in a special section on our website and our eBay store.  Each item listed from one of your members will have a have a description of the fundraiser.  Auctions that support a cause on eBay usually end up selling at a higher average price.


How do I get started?
For more information on how Auctions, Shipping, and Packaging can help your organization's next fundraiser generate a lot of money in a little time, please contact us at 917-584-5150, or